Someday I hope I become the person my dog thinks I am!

My name is Dr. Jim Farrish. I have been a practicing Veterinarian for over 50 years. I graduated from Washington State University in 1965. !!GO COUGS!! I recently found myself adopting an adorable little puppy. She is an American Pit Bull Terrier, and my best friend. Her name is Gwenny. I love her dearly. It had been so long since my Akita, Koghi, passed that I almost forgot how much happiness pets can bring us. I can look at my dog and know, without a doubt, that she loves me too. As a veterinarian, I treat pets with all kinds of conditions. I understand the love one feels for their  pet, they are family. In this industry compassion can sometimes be forgotten. I won't ever treat your pet like a chart number. Every patient  that comes in to my clinic will be treated with the same care and compassion that I would expect my dog to receive. This goes for all aspects of care at Alpine Vet.I will do my very best to keep my pricing affordable. You have my word. Thank you for taking a little of your time to get to know me. I look forward to gtting to know you and your sweet pet!